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History of OSRI

The Prince William Sound Oil Spill Recovery Institute is a legacy of the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill. The organization was mandated in the resulting Oil Pollution Act of 1990. Since then, OSRI has supported research and education efforts to improve our ability to respond to oil spills and better understand their impacts to people and wildlife.

OSRI is an important organization because it continues to be the wakeup call to always look at technologies, research, and monitoring, so we’re prepared for the next oil spill.

Molly McCammon

Executive Director (retired), Alaska Ocean Observing System

OSRI’s Four-Part Mission

OSRI’s mission is to support research, education, and demonstration projects that improve understanding of and response to oil spills in Arctic and Subarctic marine environments. Our Research Plan is organized around four strategic goals: Understand, Respond, Inform, and Partner.


OSRI seeks research that improves our understanding of the transport, fate, and consequences of oil spills. Particularly the potential impacts to people, wildlife and the environment and how they recover after a spill.

We currently are working to identify appropriate projects that will allow us to better understand the impacts of oil spills to food safety in subsistence communities.

Seasonal Distribution of Forage Fish

How Alaskan wildlife is likely to be impacted by a spill. More→

Hydrological Modeling and Validation

Improving the ability to predict where a spill may go. More→



OSRI seeks development and demonstration projects that improve our ability to respond to oil spills in the marine environment. 

We are currently partnering with industry and the government to develop a remotely operated surface vessel for oil spill response that is easy to transport to remote locations and can reduce the need to put people into dangerous situations.


New Skimmer Designs

Research, development, and testing. More→

Dog Detection of Oil

Using canines to detect oil buried in a beach and testing ways to test oil under ice. More→


OSRI seeks to share information about oil spill recovery and to train the future response community through a variety of methods. 

International Field Guide

A common resource for oil spill response used around the world. More→

'Darkened Waters' Museum DIsplay

A museum display describing the Exxon Valdez oil spill. More→


OSRI is continually searching for partnerships that allow for shared funding, facilities, knowledge, and experience. There is too much expensive work that needs to be done for one organization to tackle on its own. Please reach out to the OSRI Program Manager if you are interested in partnering with us.

North Pacific Research Board

Joint funding of research projects in Prince William Sound and the Chukchi Sea. More→