Advancing Oil Spill Response

Identifying research needs to improve oil spill response in ice covered waters

September 6, 2022


Spill response in ice-covered waters is expected to require specialized tools and techniques. With the potential development in the Beaufort and Chukchi seas, it is imperative to establish effective spill response capabilities.


After the 2000 International Oil and Ice Workshop, OSRI contracted with D. F. Dickins Associates to screen ideas for improving oil spill response. This led to a workshop with a small group of specialists to evaluate the ideas and develop a prioritization of the research needs. Finally, the results of the work were written up and published in Advancing Oil Spill Response in Ice-Covered Waters.


Subsequently, there have been several other similar efforts conducted by various agencies and non-governmental organizations that were able to build upon the concepts provided in Advancing Oil Spill Response in Ice-Covered Waters. It has also informed industry and agency sponsored research programs. OSRI has also supported Oil in Ice Workshops, Northern Oil and Gas Forums, and Alaska Oil Spill Technology Symposia to identify the work that has been accomplished and refine the identification of future needs.