OSRI seeks applications for the Scientific and Technical Committee

OSRI seeks individuals with expertise in matters related to oil spill containment and cleanup technology, the marine environment, and education and outreach for membership on the STC.

December 27, 2021

The Oil Spill Recovery Institute’s policy making Board invites applications for an individual to serve on the Science and Technical Committee (STC). Qualified individuals are specialists in matters relating to oil spill containment and cleanup technology, Arctic and sub-Arctic marine environment, outreach and education activities, and the living resources and socioeconomics of those environments. 

Committee members serve three-year terms of office. The STC meets at least once each year for one day in Cordova or Anchorage.  The responsibilities of each member include reviewing proposals, attending STC meetings and teleconferences, participating in debates and articulating justifications for opinions and comments in support or dissent of the STC consensus. Members are expected to recuse themselves from opinions where conflicts of interests occur.

The OSRI’s mission is to support research, education, and demonstration projects that improve understanding and response to oil spills in the Arctic and sub-Arctic marine environment.  The OSRI research plan and information about the research programs funded by the OSRI are posted at its website: www.pws-osri.org

The deadline for applications is Wednesday, January 26, 2022.  To submit an application, send a letter of interest with attached short-resume detailing the nominee’s qualifications to wspegau@pwssc.org.