2014 Arctic Shield

FY 2014 | 2 – Respond | 14-10-08

2014 Arctic Shield

C. Wiggins, Inland-Gulf Maritime, LLC
Contract Term: 07/01/14 – 06/30/15
Award: $139,860

Scope of Work:

Inland-Gulf Maritime LLC will deploy its Aerostat-IC aerial imagery system along with USCG TRIDENT communications in support of the ARCTIC SHIELD exercise to be held in Alaska during August 2014.

By testing and proving new technology along with the Aerostat-IC system's ability to detect hydrocarbons and operation capabilities in extreme weather environments will serve OSRI and the Oil industry greatly in dealing with oil spills response in the Arctic and Sub-Arctic marine environment.

IGM will modify, prepare, integrate, deploy and operate the Aerostat-IC aerial surveillance system in support of the ARCTIC SHIELD exercise in Alaska. During these exercises, the system will deliver live imagery video and still pictures from the operating vessel to other support and command vessels.