Requests for Proposals

Cook Inlet Tide Rips

Grant Award: $100,000
Deadline to Apply: 01/13/2023

Request for proposals

The Oil Spill Recovery Institute (OSRI) in Cordova, Alaska and partner institutions are interested in developing the resources and tools needed to provide oil spill trajectories that can be used for planning purposes. We have initiated work to produce a hindcast using the NOAA Cook Inlet Operational Forecast System (CIOFS) model and compare those results to existing measurements. There are few detailed measurements of the oceanography associated with tidal rips. These features are convergence zones that are important to oil transport but may be poorly resolved by the models. We wish to learn more about the oceanography associated with the tidal rips in Cook Inlet.

Program objectives

OSRI desires to support the collection of oceanographic and biological observations of rips in the central portion of Cook Inlet. We desire information on the hydrography and currents associated with the rips on at least a spring-neap tide cycle and preferably seasonally. If possible, we also would like to know the role of rips in concentrating wildlife. All data collected by this project would need to be made available to the ongoing modeling effort and, with an appropriate embargo period to be determined by OSRI, publically through the Alaska Ocean Observing System’s data portal.

A description of OSRI and our mission and goals is at Grant application materials can be found at with appendices D and F of most importance. OSRI has a single application form for all size grants but does not expect that all areas within the application form will be relevant to every request for proposals. The deadline for submitting applications is January 13, 2023. Funding is anticipated to begin as early as April 1, 2023. Applications should be emailed to Applicants are encouraged to contact Dr. Scott Pegau, OSRI Research Program Manager (, with any questions regarding this opportunity.