Requests for Proposals

Potential Ports of Refuge

Grant Award: $80,000
Deadline to Apply: 01/13/2023

Request for proposals

The Oil Spill Recovery Institute (OSRI) is interested in evaluating Potential Ports of Refuge (PPOR) in western and northern Alaska to determine their suitability for different classes of vessels.  PPORs are areas identified as spots where a stricken vessel may be taken to so that repairs can be made. Sometimes the PPORs are established anchorages.  However, often PPORs are areas that committees have selected as places they expect a ship to be able to be taken to without fully knowing if the location selected is appropriate. For example, a recent project examining PPORs in Prince William Sound found that several of the locations selected in that area were not appropriate for the tankers that the PPOR was selected for. Using expert knowledge and vessel operations simulations it was possible to identify which PPOR locations were appropriate for tankers in Prince William Sound. OSRI is interested in continuing that effort with a focus on western and northern Alaska PPOR.

Program objectives

OSRI desires to demonstrate the suitability of currently listed PPORs for the vessels that would be expected to use them. Our primary interest is in the western and northern seas around Alaska. We expect that the analysis of PPORs will be based on vessel types operating in the Bering, Chukchi, and Beaufort seas, and along the Aleutian Islands. Vessel pilots and operators should be consulted to ensure appropriate uses of PPOR are examined.

We expect that this may be a multi-year effort and have budgeted $80,000 in FY 23 for this project.

A description of OSRI and our mission and goals is at Grant application materials can be found at with appendices D and F of most importance. OSRI has a single application form for all size grants but does not expect that all areas within the application form will be relevant to every request for proposals. The deadline for submitting applications is January 13, 2023. Funding is anticipated to begin as early as April 1, 2023. Applications should be emailed to Applicants are encouraged to contact Dr. Scott Pegau, OSRI Research Program Manager (, with any questions regarding this opportunity.