Requests for Proposals

Evaluation of In-Situ Response Options

Grant Award: $80,000
Deadline to Apply: 01/12/2024

OSRI seeks a report and/or decision tree regarding the use of in-situ oil spill response
options in the Arctic. The main goal is to interpret the available data on oil persistence
from relevant Arctic or “Arctic-like” environments, evaluate the historic findings based on
current knowledge, and determine how the project results can be framed to help make
decisions to improve the effectiveness of shoreline clean-up in the Arctic. The project is
expected to draw on a wealth of information from related field experiments and historical
spills. For example, the Svalbard Project, BIOS, Arrow, Metula, WestWood Annette, and
other spills during which in-situ response options were applied. The desire is to produce a
knowledge tree of increasing levels of detail that enable users to progressively access the
supporting information and data.