Requests for Proposals

Subsistence Foods Baseline Contaminants Report

Grant Award: $75,000
Deadline to Apply: 01/12/2024

OSRI is seeking a report outlining what existing information exists on hydrocarbons in
subsistence foods, identifying the hydrocarbons of concern, describing the most
appropriate techniques for measuring those contaminants, species, and life stages most
likely to accumulate and retain oil chemicals, and if there are parts of an organism where
contaminants tend to be concentrated. In addition to peer-reviewed publications and
reports in the gray literature, we expect that local communities may have data that have
not been publically shared and that there will be relevant information from other
circumpolar countries. Proposals should describe how you intend to gather the data. All
work associated with subsistence foods is expected to be conducted in a culturally
respectful manner with a clear description of how the information may be used and how
work products will be shared. Our interest is in the information needed to guide the collection
of baseline measurements and we do not expect any interpretation of human health or
risk assessment.