Past Awards

FY 2005 | 3 – Inform | 5/10/11

From the Forest to the Sea Summer Camp

K. Alexander, Prince William Sound Science Center
Contract Term: 1/1/05-12/
Award: $15,000

Scope of Work:

During the summer of 2005 From the Forest to the Sea Summer Camp provided educational opportunities for almost 170 participants. Three overnight science camp programs were held for students aged 9-14. A day camp following the same program format enrolled 17 students. A single night mini-camp on bugs was held for youth aged 8 and 9. Programs engage participants in outdoor activities such as kayaking, hiking and canoeing while teaching them about the natural history of their surroundings. A week long Youth Environmental Leadership Program for 14 to 18 year olds debuted this year. The program not only introduced participants to local science it also had them participate in a service project. Participants worked with scientists at the PWS Science Center to identify the effects of salmon waste from local seafood processors on the natural ecosystem. An adult weekend workshop on wetland ecology, two community activity days and two afternoon programs for visiting groups contributed to an improving and building education program.

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