Past Awards

FY 2005 | 3 – Inform | 5/10/16

Mechanical Oil Recovery in Ice Infested Waters (MORICE) -Phase 6

H. Jensen, SINTEF
Contract Term: 3/15/01-10/31/01
Award: $80,000

Scope of Work:

The overall objective of the MORICE Program is to improve the effectiveness of equipment and techniques for mechanical recovery of oil spills in ice-infested waters. The specific objective of Phase 4 is to further develop the two concepts tested in Phase 3 to a prototype level. This will include designing a support vessel or working platform in which to incorporate the ice processing and oil recovery components. Before constructing support vessels, the ice processing and oil recovery components tested in Phase 3 will be refined and modified based on revisions to designs made after the quantitative testing in Hamburg. Preliminary testing of these refined or modified components will then be conducted to ensure their functionality before being incorporated into the prototype support vessel. Finally, complete full-scale harbor-sized prototypes, comprised of the oil and ice processing components and the support vessel, will be tested in controlled outdoor conditions in oil and ice.