Past Awards

FY 2006 | 3 – Inform | 6/10/13

Oil Recovery with Novel Skimmer Surfaces Under Cold Climate Conditions

Arturo A. Keller, University of California, Santa Barbara
Contract Term: 04/01/06-06/30/06
Award: $81,626

Scope of Work:

The objective of this project is to perform a comprehensive analysis of the adhesion between oil and ice-in oil mixtures and various surface patterns and materials, under cold climate conditions. This knowledge will help develop and/or improve existing mechanical response conditions. The novel recovery surfaces that have recently proven to increase the recovery efficiency of a drum skimmer up to two times, in warm waters, should be successfully used in the cold climate conditions with some optimization of the geometry and materials, and lead to a significant increase in oil recovery efficiency. The end product will be a report, covering both the research results and guidelines for oil responders and oil skimmer manufacturers, indicating properties and conditions that can be used to select a specific recovery surface and recovery regime, based on the oil properties and environmental conditions.

Download Report: 06-10-132.pdf