Past Awards

FY 2006 | 3 – Inform | 6/10/15

Seasonal Distribution, habitat use, and energy density of forage fish in the near shore ecosystem of Prince William Sound

Scott Johnson, National Marine Fisheries Service
Contract Term: 2006 - 2007
Award: $75,000

Scope of Work:

This project will assess the seasonal distribution, habitat use, relative abundance, diel use, diet, and energy density of forage fish in the nearshore ecosystem of western Prince William Sound (PWS).

This information is lacking because forage fish species are usually not targeted for assessment, and nearshore areas are seldom surveyed for fish habitat. Because nearshore habitats are vulnerable to human disturbance, a better understanding of how the nearshore environment supports ecologically important forage fish species is needed to help managers conserve forage fish populations and protect essential habitats. We know that several forage fish species use the nearshore environment, but we do not fully understand their dependence and fidelity to the different habitats types within the nearshore, or which habitats are more important for different life stages. In addition, we do not know the effect of season on the utilization of nearshore habitats or energetics of forage fish.

This study will help address information gaps on forage fish by assessing 1) seasonal and duel use of nearshore habitats, 2) quantity and quality of habitat, 3) relative abundance, and 4) energy flux and relative growth through seasonal change.

Download Report: 06-10-1512.pdf