Past Awards

FY 2006 | 3 – Inform | 6/10/16

Human Dietary Response to Climate Change-Fellowship for Catherine Foster

Donald K. Grayson, PhD, University of Washington
Contract Term: 07/01/06-06/30/07
Award: $25,000

Scope of Work:

This Ph. D. project by Catherine Foster will employ archeological and paleoenvironmental data to assess the effects of climate change on resource availability over the last 2200 years along the Pacific Rim, and will test the effects of this availability on prehistoric hunter-gatherer fishing strategies. The fellow will examine prehistoric fisheries dependence on salmon and the temporal and special fluctuations of the resource. The project will examine these issues in the context of foraging theory to test whether people altered their foraging strategies to accommodate climate change and resource fluctuation by moving their fisheries from the riverine to the marine environment. Lines of evidence will include a) stable oxygen isotopes extracted from fish otoliths; b) archeological faunal materials; and c) historic salmon abundance data.

Download Report: 06-10-1612.pdf