Past Awards

FY 2006 | 1 – Understand | 6/10/17

White Paper on tracking and monitoring marine organisms in Prince William Sound

Fred A, Goetz, University of Washington
Contract Term: 08/04/06-09/15/06
Award: $3,850

Scope of Work:

Project will result in a paper summarizing the findings of a Prince William Sound survey group and research sources in developing a regional telemetry network for Prince William Sound. The paper will be structures to evaluate biotelemetry technologies and methodologies based on questions pertinent to the management and scientific issues found in PWS. It will include a general survey of available technologies that can address a detailed assessment of acoustic telemetry technology. The specific assessment will outline areas that the OSRI will need to consider before undertaking ecological monitoring of multiple species over long time periods and over large special areas.

Download Report: 06-10-1712.pdf