Past Awards

FY 2006 | 1 – Understand | 6/10/18

Identifying past habitat use and essential habitat of Pacific Herring

Brenda Norcross, PhD, Alaska Fairbanks -Fellowship for Sean-Bob Kelly
Contract Term: 07/01/06-06/30/07
Award: $8,333

Scope of Work:

Following the oil spill of 1989 and the decline of herring stocks in the 1990's, the need for quantitative analysis of essential fish habitat has become critical to conservation of this important fisheries stock. Identification of herring habitat change since 1995, the oldest available samples, through 2006, would be an indicator of the recovery of the herring populations in PWS. Otolith chemical analysis of regional signatures enables evaluation of ecological recovery status through shifts in herring usage over time. Specific objectives of this study are to use trace element signatures of core portions of herring otoliths to identify individual spawning bays within Prince William Sound (PWS), and use trace element signatures of edge portions of juvenile herring otoliths to identify rearing bays within PWS. Adult otoliths will be analyzed to identify bays that contribute a greater portion to the herring population and identify past habitat use and temporal changes.

Download Report: 06-10-1812.pdf