Past Awards

FY 2007 | 3 – Inform | 7/10/07

Oil Spill Recovery Challenge Prizes

Bob Kinney, InnoCentive Inc.
Contract Term: 2/7/07
Award: $50,000

Scope of Work:

The prize system is being used to attract a wider array of solvers to find solutions to challenges identified by OSRI and its collaborators. Each challenge is developed to answer an issue that was identified during a meeting with industry, response organizations, and regulatory agencies. A set of criteria for success are developed for each challenge and the challenge is posted by InnoCentive. Upon the closing date the submitted solutions are screened to ensure that they meet the criteria for a successful solution and those that pass the screening are sent to OSRI to pick a winner from. Existing challenges include: finding a method to break the viscous shear of oil colder than its pour point that is stored in a recovery tank, providing a technique to contain and collect submerged oil, and to determine a new approach for remediating lingering oil in Prince William Sound.