Past Awards

FY 2007 | 1 – Understand | 7/10/10

Publication of Results from the Copper River Delta Study

Mary Anne Bishop, Prince William Sound Science Center
Contract Term: 4/01/07-03/31/08
Award: $40,000

Scope of Work:

The 'Copper River Delta Intertidal Resources at Risk' study has been an important component of the Prince William Sound Oil Spill Recovery Institute's (OSRI) Research Program. The study represents a collaborative effort between Dr. Mary Anne Bishop, Prince William Sound Science Center and Dr. Sean P. Powers, University of South Alabama Dauphin Island Sea Lab. Our study has examined predator dynamics and assessed their role in invertebrate community dynamics. Our complementary study, 'Trophic dynamics of intertial soft-sediment communities', funded by the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council, has provided a 'bottom-up' approach to the Copper River Delta's intertidal ecosystem. The ultimate goal of the combined Copper River Delta studies is to understand the spatial and temporal dynamics of the biological community in order to predict how this community would respond to anthropogenic changes (such as an oil spill) or to naturally induced changes (such as climate changes) in the physical and chemical environment. This project is to complete the analysis of data collected during the field portion of this project. Two manuscripts are to be completed as part of this funding.