Past Awards

FY 2007 | 1 – Understand | 7/10/19

Routine Forecasts using the RAMS Atmospheric Circulation Model

Peter Q. Olsson, PhD, University of Alaska Anchorage
Contract Term: 07/01/07-06/30/08
Award: $60,000

Scope of Work:

Provide daily routine atmospheric forecasts for the Greater Prince William Sound region in graphic form and with continuous updates to the web. The UAA Experimental Forecast Facility (AEFF) has been part of the Prince William Sound nowcast/forecast system and PWS-RAMS (Regional Atmospheric Modeling System) development. Along with RAMS code, a significant amount of software has been developed to automate the atmospheric modeling system as much as possible. This includes a data ingest/preprocessing software package and post processing software that makes graphics available on the web in real time and provides collaborators with model fields. Model graphics will be generated and placed on the AEFF Weather Briefer's web site. As new graphical capability is added to the PWS Observing System (PWSOS) web site, PWS-RAMS graphical output will be placed on the pws. site. Data will be delivered directly to the portal sites of collaborators such as PWS-POM, ROMS and SWAN modeling groups. The newest addition to the suite of models in PWS is Weather Research Forecasting (WRF). When WRF reaches maturity, it is expected to be the default weather forecast model for the National Weather Service.

Download Report: 07-10-1912.pdf