Past Awards

FY 2008 | 2 – Respond | 8/10/05

Model Validation Experiment in PWS, Alaska

J. Ewald, Prince William Sound Science Center
Contract Term: 01/01/07 – 09/31/08
Award: $18,500

Scope of Work:

Over the last several years OSRI has contributed to the development and refining of atmospheric and oceanic models, and installation and upgrade of measurement systems. To test their capabilities requires experiments that collect the data required as inputs to the models and data that provides a measure of the output of the models. The Alaska Ocean Observing System is planning such an experiment which is now expected to be conducted in 2009. In anticipation of the 2009 model validation experiment OSRI is funding this project to repair existing drifters and train on their use. The experiment objective is to quantitatively evaluate the performance of forecast models in PWS including the WRF atmospheric and ROMS ocean circulation models, the POM model at RSMAS, the SWAN wave model, and the GNOME oil spill model. Model performance evaluations will be based on comparisons with 1) observational data collected during a four week field experiment in 2008, and 2) model performance during the 2004 experiment.