Past Awards

FY 2008 | 2 – Respond | 8/10/08

Dispersant Literature Bibliography

Joe Banta, Prince William Sound Regional Citizens’ Advisory Council
Contract Term: 03/30/08-06/30/09
Award: $10,000

Scope of Work:

Effective oil spill mitigation strategies are key areas of interest and concern for the Prince William Sound Regional Citizens’ Advisory Council. Maintaining a current literature review is essential to guiding effective and responsive research programs that lead to an enhanced understanding of oil properties, improving oil spill mitigation strategies, and determining the fate and effects of oil spilled in the marine environment. The PWSRCAC and OSRI are partnering in the funding of an updated synthesis and bibliography of oil spill dispersant literature. The goal of this project is to perform an update of PWSRCAC’s existing comprehensive dispersants literature review that was last updated in March 2002 ( The updated review will allow us to focus our planned dispersant related research by providing an indication of what work has been completed and a gap analysis of work that needs to be done.

Project objectives include the following:

Review and synthesis of collected scientific literature (peer reviewed and non-peer reviewed, and grey literature, etc. ) and provision of that information in manuscript and database formats.

Incorporation of a smaller 2006 PWSRCAC dispersants literature review ( that was done in the subject area of salinity, weathering and resurfacing.

Research emphasis on two dispersants subject areas -biodegradation and bioaccumulation of chemically and naturally dispersed oil, as well as on the alternate response technology of oil solidifiers. There will also be an overall emphasis on cold-water research for waters similar to those in the PWSRCAC region.