Past Awards

FY 2008 | 3 – Inform | 8/10/09

OSRI Board Approved Workshops

W. S. Pegau, Oil Spill Recovery Institute
Contract Term: 10/01/07 – 09/30/08
Award: $30,000

Scope of Work:

Several workshops are being supported this year. They include the Hydrocarbon Sensors for Oil Spill Response, Alaska Marine Sciences Symposium, and Alaska Forum on the Environment. The Alaska Marine Sciences Symposium and the Alaska Forum on the Environment are annual workshops that present issues relevant to OSRI’s goals. The Hydrocarbon Sensors for Oil Spill Response is to be conducted in collaboration with the Alliance for Coastal Technology. The desire being to determine types of technology that OSRI may want to invest in in the future.

Download Report: 08-10-182.docx