Past Awards

FY 2008 | 1 – Understand | 8/10/18

Forage Fish and Nearshore Habitat Association

R. Bochenek, Axiom Consulting
Contract Term: 07/01/08 – 06/30/09
Award: $59,885

Scope of Work:

Pacific herring has been identified as a critical species for North Pacific marine ecosystems. Current data sets regarding herring are in a dispersed state and have not been coupled to shore zone and habitat classification in a standard geospatial framework. The investigators propose to consolidate and integrate herring datasets and shore zone classification data into a common geospatial framework and perform analyses that test that framework for correlations between reproductive activities (herring spawn) in the vicinity of shore zone habitat types and subsequent age class recruitment.

The investigators propose to build upon an existing herring data system, the Prince William Sound Herring Data Portal (, which currently houses herring shoreline spawn, biomass and Age Sex Length Weight (ASLW) observation data from 1973 to present. The various data are in a geospatially and temporally explicit state (work performed in 2007 for EVOSTC project 070822 and in 2008 for EVOSTC project 08082)

The effort detailed within this proposal will expand the data holdings of the Herring Data Portal to include shoreline spawn, biomass and and Age Sex Length Weight data for the Kameshak Bay region (1978 2002). In addition, this proposal will integrate existing shorezone mapping datasets (Dr. John Harper) and other shorezone habitat classifications (environmental sensitivity index) into the data system. This data integration will provide the investigators with consistent information regarding two separate herring populations. This information will describe herring spawning activities near defined shorezone habitat types with resulting age class recruitment success. Statistical and analytical correlations can be performed regarding herring spawn occurrence and proximity to shorezone habitat types and resulting age class recruitment both temporally and spatially. If a correlation can be found regarding this relationship, resource managers can use this information to protect stocks in specific habitat areas and isolate critical habitat types for pacific herring.

Download Report: 08-10-18-final12.pdf