Past Awards

FY 2009 | 2 – Respond | 9/10/06

EVOS 20 years and beyond

Cathy Sherman, Cordova Historical Society
Contract Term: 01/01/09 – 12/31/09
Award: $15,000

Scope of Work:

The Cordova Historical Society and Museum are working to meet goals established in their long term strategic plan which include creating an exhibition that tells the story of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill. A main focus of the exhibition is to expand beyond the oil spill to educate the visitor on the changes since the spill in the areas of science, transportation, spill response and recovery.

To help meet this challenge, the Society acquired “Darkened Waters,” an exhibit created in 1989 by the Pratt Museum that tells the events and effects of the spill from 1989-1999. The Society also began exhibit development discussions with assistance from Bob Banghart, formerly of Exhibit Services in Juneau.

Similar to OSRI’s goals, the Society is interested in expanding the visitor’s interaction with the spill into a learning experience to share the importance of baseline scientific studies; restoration/recovery of Prince William Sound species; the science of oil recovery/spill response and the emotional and economic healing of the people of Cordova. Related goals include providing information on the local fishing fleets continued training in being first responders and the roles of SERVS, RCAC, the PWSSC and OSRI.

Target audiences for the exhibition are all ages; with an educational component geared toward K-6th grades. The exhibition will be capable of travel to Prince William Sound and outlying oiled communities and the lower 48.

To meet these objectives, the Society has developed a two-part project: Project Goals:

  • Transport Darkened Waters to Cordova, document, assess and determine future.
  • Create updated EVOS exhibit capable of traveling to more venues at lower cost