Past Awards

FY 2009 | 3 – Inform | 9/10/14

Field Support for 2009 Sound Predictions

Mark Halverson, Prince William Sound Science Center
Contract Term: 04/01/09 – 12/31/09
Award: $24,941

Scope of Work:

This project intends to provide additional field support to the already existing OSRI commitment to the Prince William Sound (PWS) 2009 Field Experiment (see scope of work, OSRI project #09-10-XX). The Field Experiment is a collaborative effort sponsored by the Alaska Ocean Observing System(AOOS) and OSRI with the purpose of characterizing the circulation and hydrography of PWS and validating a numerical circulation model. OSRI’s current commitment to the fieldwork includes logistical support, release and tracking of drifting buoys, hydrographic surveys, as well as data analysis and report writing following the experiment.

The funding requested by this proposal specifically supports field observations in the form of drifting buoys and vertical CTD profiles. While the present PWS Field Experiment sampling plan includes an array of sampling techniques, it does not include direct current measurements below the seasonal mixed layer. Support is also sought to calibrate 2 CTDs to increase the spatial and temporal resolution of vertical profiles, which are an important aspect of the model verification.

OSRI’s Respond goal is directly addressed by this proposal by enhancing the understanding of water circulation and mixing in PWS. With this information, the trajectory and dispersal or concentration of oil will be better constrained.

Download Report: 09-10-14_final12.pdf