Past Awards

FY 2010 | 3 – Inform | 10/10/00

Research Program Manager and Scientific and Technical Committee Travel

W. S. Pegau, Oil Spill Recovery Institute
Contract Term: 10/01/09 – 09/30/10
Award: $126,000

Scope of Work:

The position of OSRI Research Program Manager is a programmatic expense. The total costs include salary, benefits, travel and commodities. The Research Program Managers responsibilities include:

  • Preparation of annual work plan in consultation with the Board-appointed Work Plan Committee and in accordance with the Five-Year Science Plan adopted in 2010. Compile information about potential projects, write brief project descriptions and prepare project budget estimates.
  • Implement the work plan as approved by the Board. This includes drafting requests for proposals based on the Annual Work plan priorities, and coordinating the peer review process with OSRI’s Scientific and Technical Committee and with other organizations OSRI partners with for research projects.
  • Coordinate with the Chair of OSRI’s Scientific and Technical Committee (STC) to assure regular transfer of information between the OSRI Board and the STC. Also provide assistance, as requested by the STC Chair, in scheduling meetings.
  • Meet 2-3 times per month with the OSRI Executive Director (ED) to exchange information concerning program issues and contract awards. Work with the ED to develop a monthly program report for distribution to the OSRI Board.
  • Assist the Executive Director to ensure compliance with all policies and procedures of the OSRI Grant Policy Manual.
  • Coordinate the processing of contracts for successful proposals. Monitor progress and final report deadlines for these contracts.
  • Prepare bi-annual reports on OSRI grant awards and research and education programs for distribution to the OSRI Board.
  • Prepare and publish an Annual Report for broad distribution.
  • Supervise maintenance of the OSRI website.
  • Collaborate with the OSRI Executive Director to develop and maintain cooperative agreements with other organizations for research and education programs, for example with the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council, two Regional Citizens’ Advisory Councils, and the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, the Alaska Ocean Observing System (AOOS), the North Pacific Research Board, the UNH/NOAA Coastal Response Research Center, US Minerals Management Service, and others.
  • Periodically represent OSRI at professional meetings and workshops. Maintain files and a library on oil pollution issues
  • Provide leadership in planning future research programs and work plans.
  • Prepare technical reports on OSRI programs.

Funds are also set aside to support the functions of the OSRI Science and Technical Committee, and to support Board and STC travel related expenses associated with OSRI partnerships such as the JIP, NPRB, etc