Past Awards

FY 2010 | 3 – Inform | 10/10/04

Forest to the Sea

Lindsay Butters, Prince William Sound Science Center
Contract Term: 04/01/10-03/31/11
Award: $8,000

Scope of Work:

Forest to the Sea includes four elements that focus our education efforts on both broad and specific age groups, including youth, residents and visitors of the Prince William Sound region. These programs include: Summer Science Camp for students 4th through 6th grade to explore the ecology of the region during day camp and multi-day workshops. The Youth Environmental Leadership Program is a ten-day experiential education course which challenges high school students to identify ecological, social and economic issues affecting their watershed and communities. Community Events are orchestrated by local organizations to facilitate open engaging community events during the summer including a weekend festival and two community kayak days. The Adult Education Program facilitates opportunities for adults to earn continuing education credit while increasing their knowledge of the local environment. Forest to the Sea’s programs are evaluated by participants, parents and staff throughout the summer. A variety of evaluation tools will be used to determine if our summer programs are meeting the objectives as outlined in program and lesson materials.
Download Report: 10-10-04-Butters-FTS12.pdf