Past Awards

FY 2010 | 2 – Respond | 10/10/08

CISPRI Test Tank Phase II- Permanent Slab Installation

T. Paxton, CISPRI
Contract Term:
Award: $24,995

Scope of Work:

The value of hands-on, “real” oil skimming is immeasurable; having the ability to fine-tune our skills while finding the optimum operating parameters of our skimmers, learning the best decontamination / cleaning methods for the equipment, and putting our Spill Technicians in a real oil environment adds incredible value to our organization. Second to that is the value of being able to conduct skimmer validation testing on-site. The ability to conduct ASTM-certified skimmer testing here in Alaska will make it possible to completely understand how well our skimming systems perform given the Alaskan conditions. Phase II of this project involves installing a permanent slab that is both sloped and heated.