Past Awards

FY 2011 | 3 – Inform | 11/10/15

PPR Oil Recovery System

Kevin Kennedy, Pacific Petroleum Recovery
Contract Term: 07/01/11- 06/30/12
Award: $10,000

Scope of Work:

This funding was used to support the demonstration of the PPR oil recovery system as part of the Wendy Schmidt X challenge. The PPR system is a novel design based on equipment common to the fishing industry. It includes a trawl net with a cod end to collect the oil and a two-stage vacuum pump (fish pump) to move the oil from the cod end to a storage facility. It has a modular design that allows each component to easily be replaced and is relatively inexpensive and easy to produce. The net design allows non-oily water to escape while the oil is retained in the cod end.

More information on the X-challenge and the results from the PPR and other systems can be found at