Past Awards

FY 2012 | 2 – Respond | 12-10-07 to 12-10-09

Hydrological Model Validation

1) D. Hill 2) A. Arendt 3) E. Hood, 1) Oregon State University 2) University of Alaska Fairbanks 3) University of Alaska Southeast
Contract Term: 07/01/12 – 06/30/15
Award: $389,298

Scope of Work:

In FY12 OSRI sought proposals for a three-year project to validate the hydrological model currently being used as input to the oceanographic model developed for Prince William Sound. A proposal led by Dr. David Hill of Oregon State University with contributions from the University of Alaska Fairbanks (Dr. Arendt) and the University of Alaska Southeast (Dr. Hood) was selected. The work combines measures of precipitation, snowfall, and stream gages with a high-resolution hydrological model. The objectives are to:

  • Apply and modify a suite of recently developed and proven highly distributed models for the prediction of weather, snowmelt processes, and streamflow to the PWS watershed.
  • Sustain existing weather stations in PWS and deploy additional stations (at high elevation).
  • Sustain existing stream gaging stations in PWS and deploy additional streamflow instrumentation suites.
  • Integrate our modeling work and data collection efforts with other related modeling and observational efforts in PWS.

Focused measurement areas are near Cordova, Valdez, and Whittier. The output of the hydrological model will be input to the ocean circulation model run by Dr. Yi Chao.