Past Awards

FY 2018 | 3 – Inform | 18-10-10

OSRI Outreach Materials

Seth Walker, Curate
Jeremy Ehn, Ideaville

Contract Term: 04/01/18 – 10/01/18
Award: $20,000

Scope of Work:

When the Exxon Valdez went aground, it was said the oil would stay 20-30 years. Via OSRI’s knowledge and that of its grantees, we know it’s more like 200-300 years. To share this strategic narrative, our goal is to position your framework as a funder/manager of research, education, and demonstration projects as the most practical, actionable, and tested approach to improving understanding/response to oil spills in the Arctic and beyond. This is work that’s critical to communities and environments around the globe. All writing and shaping of our creative content on your behalf will not only closely tie to your mission but will reinforce for audiences your clear goals to understand, respond, inform and partner as key strategies for addressing future spills, which are inevitable.

To this end, we envision dynamic content including film, photos, and an interactive online 20-year retrospective (with print companion), that moves key audiences and stakeholders toward further support of your mission. All content will be sharable, beautiful and inspiring, and will be crafted from our existing deep knowledge of OSRI and Prince William Sound. Our core belief as consultants is that in a noisy and crowded world of communications products, organizations can’t stand on merit alone.

Organizations such as OSRI must also have leading outreach materials and arresting visuals that evoke both intellectual and emotional responses from viewers in ways that inspire them to engage, support your funding (and fundees), and share the story of your work around the globe. It’s our core goal to help that happen on behalf of OSRI.