Past Awards

FY 2014 | 3 – Inform | 14-10-12

Summer Internship Opportunity

M. Blankenship, ASRC Energy Services
Contract Term: 04/01/14 – 12/30/14
Award: $14,992

Scope of Work:

ASRC Energy Services (AES) is proposing the idea of hosting an internship opportunity with Marshall Blankenship over the summer of 2014. AES is the largest Alaska-based, minority owned, oil and gas service company in the state of Alaska. AES is a wholly owned subsidiary of Arctic Slope Regional Corporation (ASRC), and AES offers a full range of services for all phases of an oil field’s lifecycle, from exploration and field development to production optimization and decommissioning, as well as offshore oil response and planning. The proposed objective of the internship is for Mr. Blankenship to work with both AES Response Operations (ARO) and AES Regulatory &Technical Services (RTS) divisions. His time with ARO would allow him the ability to increase his knowledge of offshore oil spill response, cleanup, and contingency planning capabilities. In addition, the internship would provide him with introductory oil spill response training, along with familiarizing him with the local regulatory regime of the Alaskan Outer Continental Shelf (OCS). His time with RTS would allow him the opportunity to engage in stakeholder and community outreach & development programs. His time with the RTS division would also allow Mr. Blankenship the opportunity to bridge his understanding of the responsibilities that exist in oil spill contingency planning, oil spill response operations, and the importance of those elements related to ecological and regulatory compliance.