Past Awards

FY 2021 | 2 – Respond | 21-10-09

Measuring Thickness of Oil Slicks

Joseph Katz, Johns Hopkins University
Contract Term: 10/01/21-09/30/22
Award: $23,000

The objective of this project is to support experiments aimed at evaluating a series of methods for monitoring the thickness of marine crude oil films in the DOE OHMSETT laboratory. The project is managed by a University of New Hampshire (UNH) team headed by Prof. N. Kinner.  The role of the JHU group is to assist UNH during the preparations for these experiments and to provide support during the tests. Part of this support involves development of procedures and assembly of equipment for measuring the thickness and monitoring the uniformity of the crude oil layers during the tests. Two approaches will be implemented: The first, which is currently being developed as part of phase I of this project, is based on monitoring the spatial distribution of fluorescence from the oil film. The second method, which will be developed during Phase II of this project, involves development of a miniature portable system based on interferometry. The present statement of work focuses on Phase II. It includes several tasks:   


  1. JHU will provide support to the teams working in OHMSETT during the pretrials and the actual tests. Experience gained during the tests at JHU will be utilized for generating and monitoring the oil films during the tests. Subject to restrictions associated with the COVOD-19 pandemic and security issues, JHU personnel will participate in the actual experiments. If physical presence in OHMSETT will not be possible, the JHU team will package the instruments and guide the participants on how to deploy/use them. They will be available to support the experiments remotely. 
  1. The JHU group will support the teams during the data analysis phase after the tests are completed. We will generate records of the film thickness and uniformity during the tests, and make the data available to the teams involved, as needed. We will also join and work with the University of New Hampshire (CRRC) group while analyzing the data obtained by the other teams.  
  1. JHU will develop a miniature portable interferometric device for monitoring the thickness of an oil film.