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FY 2022 | 2 – Respond | 22-10-06

Research Database Website

Contract Term: 04/01/22-09/30/22
Award: $

The Oil Spill Recovery Institute (OSRI) will contract Mindfront LLC to build a searchable research
database website that provides centralized access to thousands of academic citations, reports, and
government/industry documents. The website will feature advanced data import and export functions
to allow large batches of entries to be set up at once. The goal of the project is to create a manageable
repository of oil spill materials that can be used by researchers around the world.
This project is expected to take three months from planning to presentation.
Site Details
The site homepage will provide a simple keyword search bar which will lead to an initial listing page,
where users can refine their search with filters and sort tools. The site will have templates for single
document listings, as well as People and Organization profiles with their own filtered research lists.
The site will be built upon Drupal, a popular content management system for building large-scale
websites. The database will be handled by a set of extensions that allow users to manage and search
thousands of entries with flexible filtering options.
Version Testing
While Drupal is a stable, open-source CMS under continuous development by the programming
community, there are two competing database extensions, Biblio for Drupal 7 and Bibliography and
Citation for Drupal 8. Both provide flexible import, display, and search functionality — but the more
stable, robust Biblio is only compatible with an earlier version of Drupal, while the Bibliography and
Citation module is in beta version. This project will include installation and comparison of the two
systems before recommending one or the other. It will also include testing an upgrade path between
the two versions.
Purpose of the Demonstration
This online database is a proof of concept for consideration by the Arctic Council’s Emergency
Prevention, Preparedness and Response (EPPR) working group. Upon presentation, the group will be
given the opportunity to further develop the project for international distribution — including
expanding the feature set, adding multi-language capabilities, and continuing with content production.